"Fast Talk with Doc" is Binangonan Lakeview Hospital's first channel wherein different doctors from various Departments talk about a specific topic related to their own field. Each episode is filled with informative topics which is explained in a such a way that viewers can easily understand. 

The Doctors featured on each episode are also practicing physicians here at Binangonan Lakeview Hospital. So what are you waiting for? Click the play button and learn from our talented Doctors!

New Born Screening

By: Dr. Paraluman Manuel | Pediatrician

Clinic Schedule: Mon/Wed 1-3 PM

Diabetes Awareness

By: Dr. Rowena R. Libed | Diabetologist

Clinic Schedule: Tuesday 4-6 PM

Coming Soon....

Cancer Awareness

Clinic Schedule: Wed 8 - 10 AM Sat 12 - 2 PM

By: Dr. Paolo Dela Rosa | IM-Oncologist

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